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[28 Apr 2007|12:22pm]
Do me a favor guys and click this link....


I just want to see if it works. And makes me any money. :P
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Take this! [11 Feb 2007|11:12am]
Create your own Friend Quiz here
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[23 Oct 2006|01:38pm]

Since one of y'all (bitch whoever it was) decided to snark my personal entry in prego_drama I'm doing a major friends cut.

If I haven't known you for a while then you're gone. There are people I trust on here and I would be very very hurt to know one of you had snarked me, just for POSSIBLY being pregnant again. I thought my journal was a place I could go to share feelings with my friends but I guess that I was wrong.

So until one of you (those that remain on my f-list) fess up if you did it, or someone lets me know if they know, all entries will probably be private.

This is bullshit. And the person that snarked me - That needs to be taken down due to it being a TOS violation. My journal is FRIENDS ONLY and only friends see that entry...Not the whole LJ world. If I wanted everyone to know I would have cross posted it a million times. SO TAKE THE SHIT OFF THERE YOU STUPID BITCH.

/end rant

Oh, one more thing. If y'all don't want to be on my f-list no more, take yourself off. No one's making you read this!!!!!!!!!
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Friends Only! [21 Sep 2006|04:46pm]
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Nursing story [08 Sep 2006|11:11am]
My Nursing Story: Jason RobertCollapse )
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I was bored this morning. [12 Jul 2006|09:40am]
I made two communities. Go join if you're into either one of these soap operas.

gh_fans A live General Hospital community. Post as you watch.

gl_fans_live A live Guiding Light community. Post as you watch.

All entries need to be behind a cut. :)
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Friends Only!!! [17 Mar 2006|08:41am]

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Go join!!! [16 Mar 2006|05:25pm]
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[10 Mar 2006|03:31pm]

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